Arbortext S1000D Publishing Solution

Streamline the way you create, manage, and deliver complex content in accordance with S1000D across multiple projects.

Key Information

This out-of-the-box solution will improve the accuracy of your technical data and the speed in which you can deliver service information for use in the field.

Built on PTC’s Windchill architecture, the S1000D Publishing Solution is a context-specific service information tool that will enable you to:

Easily manage multiple projects within a single content management solution

Rapidly create S1000D compliant technical content, manage business rules for multiple projects, and deliver data modules for both print and electronic view (IETP). This solution is fully compatible with the industry-leading authoring and technical illustrations products, Arbortext Editor and Arbortext IsoDraw to further automate the entire technical publishing process.

Simplify the delivery of S1000D compliant data to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS)

The Arbortext S1000D Publishing Solution delivers accurate technical parts and 2D/3D graphical information improving equipment availability throughout the service lifecycle. The Arbortext S1000D solution complies with the Aerospace & Defense Specification Standard S1000D Issues 1.8 through 4.1 using a single, out-of-the-box solution.

Enhance your service information relevance

With Arbortext CSDB for S1000D, you maintain associativity between engineering and service information, so changes on the engineering side can quickly be communicated to the service side. By defining Applicability Rules you also ensure that the most relevant service information is available for every product configuration and operating condition.

Increase your author productivity through content re-use

The solution allows authors to create highly structured S1000D compliant content to promote reuse. The centralized management and organization of that content in a product-centric manner further facilitates content reuse.


Q: Does the solution support my issues of S1000D Specification?

A: It complies with the Aerospace & Defense Specification Standard S1000D Issues 1.8 through 4.0

Q: Does the solution provide workflow tools?

A: Yes, it utilizes the Windchill Workflow processes and can be configured for custom workflows

Q: Does the solution support BREX Business Rules?

A: Yes, it provides full support of customer Business Rules, including support of the BREX Data Module

Q: Does the solution have integration with Parts Data Management Systems?

A: The solution is fully integrated into the PTC Service Lifecycle Management and Product Lifecycle Management solutions providing seamless integration to Product Information.

  • Arbortext Editor
  • Arbortext Publishing Engine
  • Arbortext IsoDraw
  • Creo Illustrate