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You know your process needs improvement. You know there are better options out there. You could be saving time and money. You could be doing things more effectively. But where do you start? Read on to find out...

Changing and improving your technical processes is a complex endeavour.

You know your process needs improvement.

You know there are better options out there.

You could be saving time and money.

You could be doing things more effectively.

But you are looking at it from the inside. It can be overwhelming to analyze internal processes, much less attempt to prescribe solutions with limited industry exposure and research bandwidth.

You still have a job to do, a department to keep up and running while the options are evaluated and a new plan is formulated. You are an expert in where you are; you need an expert in where you could go.

You need someone with industry experience and an outside perspective to ask the right questions, expose your blindspots, and offer solutions.

How we can help you

GPSL is a solutions company, focused on recommending the right solutions for our customers.

Finding this solution begins with an Analysis Workshop.

An Analysis Workshop is an onsite activity (up to 4 days) to:

  • Understand and define client objectives
  • Identify and clarify project requirements
  • Provide an external, experienced perspective and industry expertise
  • Demystify industry terms
  • Educate on best practices
What an Analysis Workshop looks like?

You have engineers on the left of you, logisticians on the right, technical writers reporting to you, and customers looking for delivery - and all of them are dissatisfied.

The Analysis Workshop gives you the opportunity to bring them all together, to herd all the cats to get a holistic view of your what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

Armed with a workshop agenda in advance, you schedule the online meetings, rotating the groups of interest, based on the topics.

Then, we (GPSL) show up on the call.

The opening sessions are high-level, full of introductions and concepts to the executives and department heads.

Then the meetings change into deep-dive sessions, focused on each individual group.

We ask engineering how they are managing and storing their CAD data, ask Logistics how they maintain their maintenance task analysis and sparing information, ask Technical Publications about their processes for revising files and releasing updated manuals, ask how customer feedback is collected, ask how change management is governed.

Then we start asking the hardest question: why?

Why are these things done in these ways? We might just tell you that you have been doing the wrong thing just because it’s the way it has always been done.

After we find out where each group is, we talk about the touch points between, how information and accountability is transmitted down the chain. How do you all work together? Or, rather, how are you not working together when you should be?

Then we talk about where you want to go.

We give everyone the opportunity to make a “wish list” of all the functionality they need in the future solution…and all the functionality they want too.

Before the workshop ends, solutionizing begins a bit.

While the problems aren’t solved in this session, we put the online whiteboard to work so we can provide an idea of what we are thinking or potential solutions we will later flesh out in the Analysis Report.

We want to leave the workshop giving you a good idea of our intentions for the implementation project.

Your output from the Analysis Workshop

The Analysis Workshop culminates in a report that belongs to the client. The Analysis Report includes:

  • Summary of the client's current situation and discussions from the analysis
  • GPSL's recommendations based on the industry and experience
  • Solution design
  • Implementation roadmap based on the analysis, accounting for capacity, risk, and value

Clients are free to use the information however they wish. GPSL's goal is to recommend the right solution for the client.

Is an Analysis Workshop right for your business?

We are always happy to chat through your requirements and process issues to help you to determine if an Analysis Workshop is the right place for your organisation to start.

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